Preservation of the global environment and sustainability are the most important issues for us.
We are fully conscious of the impact on the global environment from the product and service provider's point of view, and as we expand business, our top priority is consideration of the impact on the global environment.

【Course of Action】

1. Consideration of Natural Resources
We are cognizant of the impact on the environment from our business activities. We strive to understand and manage the impact accurately and properly, and continuously strive to make improvements.
2. Compliance with environment-related laws and regulations
We comply with environment-related laws and regulations implemented by central and local governments, and third party we agree with.
3. Efficient use of natural resouces and energy, and cotribution to susstainable society.
We strive to conserve resources and energy, reduce waste, improve energy efficiency and lower environment burden, while contributing to eco-friendly and sustainable society by promoting practical use and reuse of natural resources.
4. Commitment and disclosure of environmental policy
Familiarise and educate employees with our environmental policy, and make it available to the public.